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Property Management

Equity Management Partners, Inc can serve as your rental property agent and provide tenant management services for your individual condominium, apartment community, and commercial property. We offer background screening services, lease agreements, assistance with eviction proceedings, and day-to-day management services.

Hospitality Management

Our team at Equity Management comes from the hotel operating environment where they excelled in their chosen discipline. Members of our team have experience in all levels of lodging products and bring with them rich and diverse backgrounds that will enable them to guide the day to-day operating performance of the portfolio. Our management team has extensive experience with most major franchise hotels and resorts, as well as independent and boutique properties.

Property Acquisition

Equity Management Partners, Inc was established with the purpose of generating, maintaining, and increasing the value and profitability of our multi-family investment properties. Our ability to offer complete involvement in all aspects of multi-family asset acquisition, ownership, management, operational and value analysis, and disposition brokerage enables us to maximize the value of our clients’ investments and aggressively generate the wealth amongst all of our business partners. This and our exclusive focus on the multi-family sector are what set us apart from other real estate firms who simply offer general brokerage services.

LIHTC Compliance

Affordable multi-housing communities offer a niche product that require a thorough understanding of the various government subsidies involved in each property, and, when properly executed, can offer phenomenal rewards to owners, developers, and investors. Equity Management Partners, Inc has produced a plethora of successful Affordable Housing transactions, including Low Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC), Housing Assistance Payments (HAP), Tax Exempt Bonds, USDA Rural Development Financing, complex partnership and entity structures, and various other state and federal income and financing subsidies.

Restaurant Management

Equity Management Partners, Inc is a collaborative effort of restaurant professionals who have very specific areas of expertise ranging from culinary operations to financial reporting and profitability. Our team is able to delivery specialized results from the top down, or bottom up. Leadership is critical to the success of any food service organization and our specialized team of restaurant experts provide the necessary guidance to achieve results. We are the only turnaround management company which specializes exclusively in the restaurant space. Equity Management Partners, Inc provides complete outsourced management services, operational assessments, and assistance to financial executives confronted with situations involving distressed restaurant obligations.

Construction Management

Equity Management Partners, Inc has a background in construction management and is qualified to manage large repair, renovation and capital improvement projects. From small scale “curb appeal” projects to extensive renovations, our consultation ensures that all contractors deliver inspection-ready, high-quality work within budget constraints.